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Chesterfield, Charlottesville, and Richmond are some of the cities where viewers saw the Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV) on their local news. Like a stunning movie star, sharing the screen in each of these stories was the DOAV’s strikingly attractive ICON A5 aircraft. Instead of throngs of fans though, the aircraft was surrounded by admiring residents and students who were attracted to the unique design of the amphibious airplane.

David Halstead, public relations and education coordinator with the DOAV, dispels the notion that the aircraft is simply a cool looking display, but it is also a teacher, too.

“Our ICON A5 is not solely a shiny airplane but the centerpiece of the department’s aviation education program,” he said.

Not many people know that aviation education is one of the main missions of the DOAV. The goal is to encourage all residents to engage in the aviation industry and bust the myth that the only occupation available is to pilot airplanes. In fact, there are more than 146,660 aviation jobs in Virginia that pay a total of $7.7 billion in wages to the people of Virginia.

Article provided by: Tony Sotelo, Public Relations and Education Specialist 

Contact: 804-774-4634 or email

You can watch the DOAV on TV below:

“Plane Day takes flight at Jackson-Via Elementary School” on NBC 29

“The ‘really amazing’ reason these students climbed into the cockpit at a Virginia airport” on CBS 6

“Third graders ready to take flight after Department of Aviation visit” on CBS 19

“Virginia airport’s open house feature ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ screening” on CBS 6

May 8, 2024

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