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Airport Sponsor Resource Center

The demands and responsibilities of an airport sponsor are as great as the need to have the information and resources to ensure your success.

The Virginia Department of Aviation’s mission is to promote and advance aviation in the Commonwealth. That mission includes providing support, guidance, and expertise to our sponsors.

Developed specifically for the needs of airport sponsors and managers, the Sponsor Resource Center provides you with pertinent information so you can be sure your airport meets and exceeds current and future needs.  

Airport Program Manual

The Virginia Department of Aviation’s Airport Program Manual provides information on state aviation funding programs, including information on eligible projects, state participation, and processes from project request submission to reimbursement. The manual contains policies of the Virginia Aviation Board and the administrative processes DOAV uses to implement policy. The manual also provides information on the state’s General Aviation Airport Voluntary Security Certification Program and the licensing of public-use airports.

Anyone may make suggestions for policy change by submitting a Proposal for Airport Program Manual Change form to DOAV.

Point of Contact

Grants Programs Coordinator

Susan Simmers


CAF Submission Dates

Commonwealth Aviation Fund submission dates are provided for each quarterly meeting of the Virginia Aviation Board in a fiscal year calendar.

The activities with due dates are the submissions of scope packages for state-funded projects, project requests, bid packages for state-funded construction projects, and revised entitlement utilization plans.

Documentation for Secure Airport certification bonus points must be on file with DOAV no later than the project request due date.

The dates are subject to change.

Fiscal Year 2025

Activity VAB Meetings
August November February May
VAB meeting 8/9/2024 11/21/2024 2/20/2025 5/15/2025
Project scope packages for state-funded projects are due to DOAV project managers 5/9/2024 8/21/2024 11/20/2024 2/12/2025
Project requests for all projects are due through ASM 6/8/2024 9/20/2024 12/20/2024 3/14/2025
Bid packages for state-funded construction projects are due to DOAV project managers 7/10/2024 10/22/2024 1/21/2025 4/15/2025
Revised Entitlement Utilization Reports and Plants due to DOAV Aviation Programs Manager n/a 10/22/2024 1/21/2025 4/15/2025

Airport Sponsor Key Dates

Key Date Every Year Details
July 15 Entitlement utilization report and plan is due
August 1 Annual self-reporting of state aviation funds is due
September 1 Expiration of ASF allocation projects issued with a September 1 expiration date
September 15 Airport license renewal application is due if a license expires at the end of the month
September 30 Expiration of grant projects issued with a grant term of September 30
December 1 Expiration of ASF allocation projects issued with a December 1 expiration date
January 31 Certificate of financial responsibility is due
January 31 Annual based aircraft survey is due
March 1 Expiration of ASF allocation projects issued with a March 1 expiration date
March 31 Expiration of grant projects issued with a grant term of March 31
April 1 Airport Capital Improvement Plan is due for next 6-year planning cycle
June 1 Expiration of ASF allocation projects issued with a June 1 expiration date

If the due date is on a weekend day or state holiday, the due date will move to the next business day, unless the due date is set under the Code of Virginia or like regulation.

Electronic Payments for Reimbursement Requests

If a sponsor would like to electronically receive reimbursement payments or if a sponsor needs to make changes to its account, the sponsor needs to contact the Virginia Department of Accounts at

 Department of Accounts Online Services

A sponsor may check on electronic payments at
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ASM Virginia Sponsor Guide

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