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The Virginia Department of Aviation is comprised of 37 full-time positions that staff the Office of the Director, Airport Services Division, Communications and Education Division, Finance and Administration Division, and Flight Operations Division.

Office of the Director

Gregory Campbell

Agency Director

Finance and Administration Division

Laurie Brown

Administrative & Operations Manager

Amy Reese

Finance & Administration Manager

Sharon Reilly

Financial Service Accountant

Mona Babli

Fiscal Service Accountant

Benjamin Miller

Procurement Manager

John Crooks

Budget Analyst

Airport Services Division

Vernon Carter

Division Director

Scott Denny

Airport Planner

Maria Ferello

Airport Engineer

Rusty Harrington

Planning & Environmental Manager

John Hart

Lead Engineer

Alton Jordan

Facilities & Technology Manager

Witt Moncure

Airport Engineer

Susan Simmers

Grant Program Coordinator

Stephen Smiley

Airport Planner

Mike Swain

Aviation Programs Manager

Amy Wells

Airport Engineer

Communications & Education Division

John Campbell

Division Director

Kim Anderson

Event Driver and Presenter

Jaimi Evans

Aircraft Registration Program Assistant

David Halstead

PR & Education Coordinator

Cindy McNamara

Customer Relations Specialist

Tony Sotelo

PR & Education Specialist

Darcy Vassar

Aircraft Registration Program Manager

Betty Wilson

PR & Education Manager

Flight Operations Division

Watson Felts

Division Director

Barry Briere

Facilities Manager

Claiborne Craig

Command Pilot

David Cronk

Command Pilot

Gregory Dexter

Command Pilot

Gregory Gilmour

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

Mary Kreutler

Flight Operations Coordinator

Scott Richards

Chief Pilot

Jeff Taylor

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

Robbie Wilson

Command Pilot

IT Department

John Saul

IT Manager

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