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Ambassador Program

The Virginia Aviation Ambassador Program encourages pilots and aviation enthusiasts to visit Virginia public-use airports and aviation museums and to attend a safety seminar and event such as a fly-in. Participants can collect stamps to earn awards while learning about Virginia’s excellent air transportation system, experiencing the beauty of the Commonwealth, and having fun.

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Ambassador Program

Tony Sotelo


How the Program Works

Levels and Awards

Obtain a passport

Multi-state Challenge

Ambassador Levels and Awards

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Ambassadors Hat and Pin
Ambassador Cap and Lapel Pin


Flight Bag


Leather Flight Jacket

How the Program Works

Collecting Stamps

Stamps can be collected at public-use airports, aviation museums, safety seminars, and fly-ins or events. Stamps may be collected by participants who fly or drive to airports.
  • Stamp markers are located inside airport terminal buildings. Stamps are also available at fixed base operators at larger airports. If an airport does not have a terminal building, the stamp marker is located inside a residential mailbox accessible to participants.
  • If an airport is attended, participants must present a photo ID matching the name in the passport.
  • If an airport is attended but the stamp marker is not available, participants should ask an airport operator to sign and date their passports, and they should take a digital photo of themselves in front of a sign clearly identifying the airport.
  • If an airport is not regularly attended and the stamp marker is not available, participants may take a digital photo of themselves in front of a sign clearly identifying the airport; the date taken needs to be displayed on the photo. The program allows up to 2 digital photos to substitute for passport stamps at airports that are not regularly attended. If a participant needs to use more than 2 digital photos, the participant needs to contact DOAV for instructions at 804-774-4634.
  • Stamp markers are located at the front desk of an aviation museum.
  • Stamps will be available at qualifying in-person safety seminars. Qualifying seminars include FAASTeam events, flight and ground reviews with FAA, AOPA’s Rusty Pilot program, aviation weather programs presented by the National Weather Service, and FAA’s Operation Rain Check.
  • If a safety seminar does qualify but a stamp is not available, participants should ask an instructor to enter the name, date, and location of the seminar with the instructor’s signature in the space reserved for the stamp.
  • Aviation safety webinars are considered as safety seminars for the program. Participants must provide proof of completion when their passports are reviewed.
  • Please contact DOAV at 804-774-4634 for information on qualifying seminars and webinars.
  • Fly-in and event stamps are available at aviation events at which DOAV has an exhibit.
  • DOAV has an exhibit at the annual Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida. Staff will provide a fly-in stamp at the event.
  • A fifth aviation museum stamp may be substituted for a fly-in stamp.

Virginia Public-Use Airport Directory

You can use the Virginia Public-use Airports Directory to locate airports. The directory enables you to search for a specific airport or filter airport information such as fuel and weather station availability.

Public-use Airport Directory

Virginia Aviation Museum Directory

You can use the Virginia Aviation Museum Directory to locate museums. The directory enables you to search for museums by name or multiple amenities.

Aviation Museum Directory

Seminars and Events

You can use DOAV’s events calendar to find information on safety seminars, fly-ins, and events being held in Virginia.

Ambassadors Multi-state Challenge

The Virginia Department of Aviation is partnering with other states to offer a program extension for participants who complete an ambassador program in another state. Each state will award a patch to participants who complete 2 or 3 state aviation ambassador programs. Participants will be awarded the Virginia patch once they have completed the Virginia program and another state’s program.
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