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About Us

The Virginia Department of Aviation is an executive branch agency, reporting to the Virginia Secretary of Transportation, whose creation and powers are contained in Title 5.1 - Aviation.  The agency is based at Richmond International Airport in Richmond.

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Mission and History

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The Virginia Department of Aviation's Mission is:

The Department of Aviation develops, promotes, and advances aviation in Virginia for the benefit of all. We partner with airports and others in Virginia to improve airport facilities, provide safe air transportation, cultivate new technologies, inspire the next generation, and foster economic development in the Commonwealth. 

The Virginia Department of Aviation Code of Ethics:

The Department’s staff will:

  1. Comply with the Virginia Conflict of Interests Act and Virginia’s Standards of Conduct for Employees.
  2. Provide professional, efficient, courteous, respectful, and equitable treatment and service to all customers, state and other government officials, colleagues, and citizens of the Commonwealth.
  3. Commit to the highest standards in the stewardship of public resources.
  4. Act with honesty and integrity in all relationships and actions in the work environment.
  5. Promote policies and programs in accordance with the department's Statement of Nondiscrimination and the Commonwealth's EEO policy, supporting the rights and recognizing the needs of all citizens regardless of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, political affiliation, disability, or veteran status.
  6. Not knowingly conduct or condone any illegal or improper activity.
  7. Not engage in any activity that results in actual or the perception of conflict of interests between our private interests and our professional roles.

History of the Virginia Department of Aviation:

From 1928, through July 1, 1979, the former Virginia Division of Aeronautics was a Legislative Branch Agency under the State Corporation Commission. On that date, legislation transferred the Virginia Department of Aviation to the Executive Branch of State Government reporting directly to the Secretary of Transportation.


The Virginia Department of Aviation Office

The Virginia Department of Aviation is composed of four divisions and a Director's Office.  There are also affiliates and partners that we work with on a regular basis.

Airport Services Division

Communications and Education Division

Finance Office

Flight Operations and Safety Division

More About Our Staff