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Mission and Values

About the Virginia Department of Aviation

Begun in 1928, the Virginia Office of Aeronautics was a legislative branch agency under the State Corporation Commission. On July 1, 1979, legislation transferred the newly named Virginia Department of Aviation to the Executive Branch of state government, reporting directly to the Secretary of Transportation.

The Virginia Department of Aviation is comprised of four divisions and works with partners on a regular basis.

Airport Services

Communications and Education Division

Flight Operations

Finance and Administration Division


The Department of Aviation develops, promotes, and advances aviation in Virginia for the benefit of all. The agency partners with airports and others in Virginia to improve airport facilities, provide safe air transportation, cultivate new technologies, inspire the next generation, and foster economic development in the Commonwealth.

The Virginia Department of Aviation is responsible for keeping the Commonwealth’s aviation system safe and secure, as it encourages aviation awareness, embraces new aviation technologies, and fosters and contributes to Virginia’s economic growth and development.

Old Picture of DOAV History


The Department of Aviation will support Virginia in being an economic development leader and a world gateway by embracing new aviation technologies, improving and growing Virginia’s aviation system, and supporting airports in the Commonwealth.

Virginia Department of Aviation Code of Ethics

Our agency staff adhere to the following:

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