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Advanced Air Mobility

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is the newly developed concept for enhancing air transportation by using electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. AAM encompasses exciting emerging technologies in aviation that will revolutionize transportation by creating more efficient, safe, and affordable ways of moving people and cargo. This technology will result in new and increased services available at lower costs to major markets and many other communities in Virginia.

Point of Contact

Advanced Air Mobility Program Manager

Scott Denny


AAM: Encompassing all of aviation

The operation of automated small uncrewed systems for things such as package delivery, public safety, and aerial survey; on-demand electric and hybrid aircraft that can move people and cargo; remotely and autonomously controlled aircraft; and the deployment of new digital and automation technologies that will increase safety and efficiency for all aviation, including traditional commercial and general aviation. AAM is not something that will be happening in the future— much of it is under development right now!


Short Term Goals


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