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Dance with the Clouds & Sail the Skies

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

VA Department of Aviation

Close-up view of airplane propellers

The Virginia Department of Aviation is a state transportation agency whose mission is to cultivate an advanced aviation system that is safe and secure, and that also provides for economic development, promotes aviation awareness and education, and provides the most efficient flight services for the Commonwealth leadership and state agencies.

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UAS Guide for Virginia Airports 2019

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as drones, are growing at an exponential rate throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Therefore, a working group of airport directors/managers, public safety personnel, the Virginia Department of Aviation and the FAA assembled to provide common guidance for the Integration of sUAS on or near public use airports in the Commonwealth of Virginia.



Dance with the Clouds & Sail the Skies

This summer the Virginia Department of Aviation began a campaign to promote aviation careers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The first of a series of commercials began running during Aviation Week in Virginia (August 12-16, 2019).  Commercials were shown on stations in  Roanoke (site of the 2019 Virginia Aviation Conference),  Richmond, Harrisonburg, Bristol and Lynchburg.

Additional commercials have now been produced and will run through the end of October and then commence again in March 2020 (running through the end of May 2020).

With all the opportunities currently available, now is a great time to consider an aviation career!

Dance with the Clouds & Sail the Skies (view the original video)

Additional Aviation Career Videos can be found on the Education Page.


Chad Weaver Aviation Scholarship

The Chad Weaver Aviation Scholarship will reimburse up to $450.00 to Virginia residents for private pilot flight training.  The scholarship will reimburse the cost of a private pilot ground school and/or private pilot flight training at a Virginia flight school.  No other expenses will be reimbursed.  The program is open to students who began flight training and/or began attending a ground school on or after June 1, 2019.  Students must have a current FAA medical.  A maximum of 100 scholarships will be awarded, and only one scholarship will be awarded per student.


The scholarship is dedicated to a valued member of the Virginia Department of Aviation staff who was a lifelong lover of aviation.