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Partners are entities directly connected to the Virginia Department  of Aviation and established by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Point of Contact

Governor's Aerospace Advisory Council
Virginia STATSLab Inc.

John Campbell


Point of Contact

Virginia Aviation Board

Laurie Brown


Virginia Aviation Board

Members of the Virginia Aviation Board are appointed by the Governor to represent defined geographic areas of the Commonwealth.  The board provides a means of citizen access to the Department of Aviation.  

Each board member oversees a region of the Commonwealth providing support for airports in their region.

You can see more on the Virginia Aviation Board here.

Governor's Aerospace Advisory Council

The Governor’s Aerospace Advisory Council advises the Governor, the Joint Commission on Technology and Science, and the Secretaries of Commerce and Trade and Education on policy and funding priorities regarding aerospace economic development, workforce training, and educational programs. The council suggests strategies to attract and promote aerospace companies in Virginia and advance aerospace research and technology that will contribute to the growth and development of the aerospace sector in the Commonwealth.

The council consists of legislative members, citizens, representatives of several universities, representatives of aerospace companies within the Commonwealth, and others. Additional information on the purpose and membership of the council may be found in the Code of Virginia §2.2-2699.1.

Virginia SATSLab Inc.

The Virginia SATS Lab Inc. is an IRS Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates exclusively for scientific and educational purposes. The corporation’s mission is to support, lead, organize, and conduct studies, technical research, product development, experiments, and demonstrations for the development of a small aircraft transportation system (SATS). The corporation secures public and private funding to enable economic growth and business opportunities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The corporation participates with companies, government agencies, public and private educational institutions, and other nonprofit organizations in ongoing research, technology development, and awareness campaigns for the continued development and demonstration of SATS.

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