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ICON A5 Visits Schools Across the Commonwealth

The Virginia Department of Aviation’s ICON A5 Introduction to Flight team was on the road visiting three schools over the course of three days. DOAV Public Relations and Education staff traveled to speak with students from Forest Middle School, Bedford Hills Elementary and the Edlin School.

Approximately 125 eighth grade students at Forest Middle had the opportunity to sit in the ICON A5 aircraft and operate the controls while learning about the forces of flight. The PR team educated students on various aviation careers, including becoming a pilot, air traffic controller or aircraft mechanic.

Bedford Hills Elementary students also enjoyed the experience of learning about the ICON A5 and how airplanes fly. Around 350 K-5 students visited the aircraft throughout the day and were given wooden balsa airplanes, DOAV pencils and airplane erasers.

Students from the Edlin School in Reston were given unique presentations that were geared towards their grade level. Approximately 150 K-8 students also learned about the forces of flight and potential aviation careers. The visit was the perfect hands-on learning experience to bring aviation to life outside of the classroom.

“The ICON A5 Introduction to Flight program teaches students about the science behind flight and careers in aviation,” Edlin School instructor Chris Leiva said. “It is a valuable addition to any organization or school’s curriculum. By gaining this deeper understanding, students could be more engaged in the learning process and have a greater appreciation of flight. Additionally the program is well-designed and aligns with educational standards, it provides students with a unique and valuable learning experience.”

The ICON A5 is an amphibious light sport aircraft that the DOAV PR and Education team takes across the Commonwealth of Virginia to educate youth about aviation. For more information on how to get this free program to your school or local airport, email Betty Wilson (

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