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Flight Operations

The Flight Operations Division operates, maintains, and schedules state-owned aircraft to provide safe and secure transportation for emergency services, economic development prospects, the Administration and other Commonwealth of Virginia agencies  to conduct of their business. 

King Air in Hanger

DOAV Aircraft

The Flight Operations Division provides air service to Commonwealth of Virginia agencies, including state universities. This service allows access to communities served by most of the 66 public-use airports in Virginia as well as public-use airports across the contiguous United States.

We operate four aircraft based at Richmond International Airport. These include two King Air 350 turboprop aircraft capable of seating 9 passengers, one Cessna 206 single-engine aircraft, and one Cessna 182 single-engine aircraft.

More About Our Team

Watson Felts

Deputy Director, Flight Operations

Facility Management and Flight Operations
Barry Briere

Facilities Manager

Mary Kreutler

Flight Operations Coordinator

Chief Pilot
Scott Richards

Chief Pilot

Claiborne Craig

Command Pilot

David Cronk

Command Pilot

Gregory Dexter

Command Pilot

Robbie Wilson

Command Pilot

State Aircraft Maintenance
Jeff Taylor

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

Gregory Gilmour

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

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