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Promoting Aviation Education and Awareness

Communications And Education Division

The Communications and Education Division supports the Virginia Department of Aviation’s organizational mission by helping to build the public’s appreciation and awareness of the importance of aviation in the Commonwealth.

Our team manages communication activities and outreach efforts for the sharing of relevant aviation information to the current and next generation of aviation professionals, student pilots, educators, aviation enthusiasts, the media, and general public.

In addition to our communications and education outreach, we handle aircraft registration.

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Public Relations

Promotes Virginia’s airports and aviation to ensure a positive image of the air transportation system throughout the Commonwealth.  

Aviation Education

Provides access to education and aviation awareness programs throughout the Commonwealth for the benefit of citizens of all ages. 

Media & Publications

Manages a variety of publications and media outlets  to both educate and inform the public regarding aviation in Virginia. 

Aviation Awareness

Participates in events and offers public programs to enhance aviation awareness in the Commonwealth.  

Aircraft Registration & Compliance

Assists aircraft owners  and operators with registration to ensure compliance with Virginia’s aviation laws. 

Public Relations and Aircraft Registration

The Communications and Education Division is comprised of a Public Relations Section and an Aircraft Registration Program.

The Public Relations Section develops communications resources such as pamphlets and brochures, the agency website and social media sites, and press releases.  This section supports aviation awareness, education, and workforce development through outreach efforts and activities. This section promotes Virginia aviation through industry trade shows, career days, and many other public events.

The Aircraft Registration Program registers aircraft in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All aircraft that are owned by residents of the Commonwealth, or owned by nonresidents, if the aircraft are located in Virginia more than 90 days in a calendar year period, are required to be registered. The registration requirement includes aircraft which are based at both public-use and private-use airports, heliports, and landing areas.

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More About Our Team

John Campbell

Communications and Education Director

John leads the Communications and Education Division. He directs our comprehensive program efforts to promote Virginia’s air transportation system, aviation awareness, and economic benefits of airports as well as aircraft registration and public information programs.

Public Relations & Education
Betty Wilson

Public Relations & Education Manager

Betty promotes aviation in the Commonwealth through programs, digital media, and print publications; develops and manages special events and aviation education programs; administers an aviation promotion grant program for Virginia’s public-use airports, and serves as the agency’s Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer.

David Halstead

Public Relations & Education Coordinator

David supports aviation awareness in the Commonwealth through the coordination of agency participation in trade shows, fly-ins, air shows, etc.; presentation of ICON A-5 programs, and administration of social media sites and agency blog.

Tony Sotelo

Public Relations & Education Specialist

Tony supports the daily operation of multiple aviation awareness, education, and workforce programs and researches and writes educational and promotional publications for print, web, and social media.

Aircraft Registration
Darcy Vassar

Aircraft Registration Program Manager

Darcy ensures compliance with Virginia’s aviation laws relating to aircraft registration; supervises and coordinates the aircraft registration program; assembles, evaluates, and reports annual based aircraft data; and communicates program requirements to aircraft owners and airport operators.

Jaimi Evans

Aircraft Registration Program Assistant

Jaimi provides customer service to aircraft owners; supports compliance through the issuance of aircraft registrations and contract carrier permits; and maintains annual surveys of private-use airports, heliports, and landing areas in Virginia.
Customer Service
Cindy McNamara

Customer Services Specialist

Cindy supports agency operations by welcoming visitors, answering public inquiries, directing external phone calls, making travel arrangements for staff, performing fiscal operations such as product payments and employee reimbursements, and overseeing mail and shipping services.

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