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The Flight Operations Division is responsible for operating, maintaining, and scheduling state-owned aircraft to provide safe and secure transportation for all state agencies.

Our team coordinates flight service for use by state agencies to support emergency services, economic development prospects, and the Administration to conduct the Commonwealth’s business. Aircraft are normally available on a first-come, first-served basis, with preemptive priority of the Governor and Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP).  We support access to communities served by most of the 66 public-use airports in Virginia, as well as most of the other 5,000 public-use airports in the United States.

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Flipped View of King Air

Aircraft Fleet and Flight Cost

The Flight Operations Division provides air service to Commonwealth of Virginia agencies including state universities. This service allows access to communities served by most of the 66 public-use airports in Virginia as well as public-use airports across the contiguous United States.

The division operates four aircraft that are based at Richmond International Airport. These include two King Air 350 turboprop aircraft capable of seating 9 passengers, one Cessna 206 single engine aircraft capable of seating 4 passengers, and one Cessna 182 single engine aircraft capable of seating 3 passengers.

State agencies reimburse the Virginia Department of Aviation for flight expenses at an hourly rate.

Scheduling Information

If you represent a state agency and would like to receive information on aircraft usage or to schedule an aircraft, you contact our Flight Coordinator at 804-236-3639 or use the Schedule a Flight button below. Should you need assistance, our Flight Coordinator will help you complete the Travel Request Form & Passenger Manifest shown below. 

DOAV does not carry hazardous materials onboard its aircraft. If you have a question regarding what constitutes hazardous materials contact us at (804) 236-3639.

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