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Virginia Airports Sustainability Management Plan 2016

Virginia residents depend on an efficient, high-performance air transportation
system that connects businesses, promotes economic development, provides
access to recreation, and facilitates tourism. Optimizing such a system requires
a comprehensive, long-term approach to airport planning that maximizes
environmental, social, and economic opportunities while minimizing the risks
created by new challenges.

To that end, the Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV) and Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) commissioned the Virginia Airports Sustainability
Management Plan (SMP), which provides a voluntary framework for the 66
public-use airports in Virginia to undertake tailored sustainability planning to
meet their local priorities, needs, and abilities. The SMP is designed to be
practical and useful in helping airport managers integrate sustainability into all
aspects of their business, including planning, design, construction, operations,
and maintenance. The SMP provides a menu of sustainability initiatives from
which individual airports can select information and resources that work for
them. It also provides a number of specific resources and tools that Virginia
airport managers can use if and when they need them.

Virginia Airports Sustainability Management Plan  2016 Executive Summary

Virginia Airports Sustainability Management Plan Statewide Framework

Virginia Airports Sustainability Management Plan Technical Report

Fact Sheet for Commercial Airports

Fact Sheet for Reliever Airports

Fact Sheet for General Aviation, Community and Local Service Airports

Commercial Service Supplement

Reliever & General Aviation Regional Supplement

General Aviation Community & Local Service Supplement

Copy of Utility Performance Tracker (Excel)