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ICON A-5 Introduction to Flight Program


The ICON A-5 Introduction to Flight Program brings a light sport amphibian aircraft on a trailer to Virginia schools, career days, community events, airports, and other locations at no cost to the educational group.

The ICON A-5 aircraft has two seats, is manufactured in the United States, and has folding wings that allow it to be easily trailered from one location to another.  The aircraft,  operated by the Virginia Department of Aviation and based on Richmond International Airport, is no longer flyable but is an excellent education platform.

Students learn about how aircraft fly and about aviation careers.  Two students at a time are able to sit in the cockpit and learn about flight controls and the instrument panel.  

The ICON A-5 has participated in programs for students from K-12 as well as university students and adult organizations.  Elementary grades 4 and 5 are especially encouraged to participate but the presentation is customized based on the age and previous knowledge of the group and is open to schools throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If you are interested in having this aircraft visit your school or event, please contact  Betty Wilson at the Virginia Department of Aviation for all the details.

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