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Ambassador Rules

  • There is no deadline for completing the passport program as long as the program remains in operation.
  • The program is open to pilots and passengers.  Participants are not required to be Virginia residents.  Participants must obtain an official Virginia Aviation Ambassadors Passport to participate.
  • When visiting a qualifying airport, museum, safety seminar or fly-in, participants must obtain a stamp in their passport.  All stamps must be made in the appropriate location in the passport.  No stamps may be made on any other document and later placed in the passport.
  • To receive a stamp from a participating airport or facility, participants must present a photo ID matching the name in the Virginia Aviation Ambassador Passport.  Each participant may only receive one airport stamp per visit. 
  • Safety seminar stamps will be available at qualifying events. In in doubt about whether a seminar qualifies, please contact the Department of Aviation at (804) 236-3624.  If an event does qualify, but a stamp isn't available, please have the presenter/instructor enter the name of the seminar, date, location, and signature into the space reserved for the stamp.  Seminars that qualifly include FAASTeam events, Flight Review Ground Review, Rusty Pilot Program, Aviation Weather programs presented by the NWS, Operation Raincheck events, etc.
  • Virginia Fly-Ins where stamps are available are listed on the website for each year.  The Sun 'n Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, Florida and EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin also qualify as the Department of Aviation will be onsite to stamp passports.
  • Upon completion, the passport must be submitted for review.  Please contact the Department of Aviation at (804) 236-3624 to schedule a time to have your passport reviewed and advise us whether you plan to fly or drive-in to our office on Richmond International Airport.  Passports may also be mailed to the Department for review but, especially for the Gold level, we strongly suggest that you schedule an appointment to meet with us in person and be sized for your leather jacket.  As each jacket is individually ordered for recipients, we are unable to replace jackets that are ordered in the wrong size.   When you schedule your appointment, please note which level: Gold, Silver, or Bronze is being sought.  If you took photos at unattended airports, remember to bring them with you to the passport review.
  • Once a passport has been submitted and gift awarded, the passport will be returned to the participant so that he or she can continue to the next level.
  • Awards and recognition will be made at a designated Fly-In.
  • Gold Level rewards may be withheld from owners of aircraft located in Virginia until the aircraft is properly registered with the Virginia Department of Aviation (as of 2/15/2023).