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Airport Security

General Aviation Voluntary Security Certification Program

The Virginia Department of Aviation program provides funding for projects to enhance the security of public-use general aviation airports in Virginia.

General Aviation Security Forms

AOPA's Airport Watch Program

A toll-free national government hotline (1-866-GA-SECURE or 1-866-427-3287 has been in operation since December of 2002.  The hotline is staffed 24/7 by the TSA's Transportation Security Operation Center (TSOC).  This provides a fast way to report any suspicious activity on an airport.

Virginia Fusion Center

A fusion center is a collaborative effort of state and federal agencies working in conjunction with local partners to share resources, expertise, and/or information to better identify, detect, prevent, and respond to terrorist and criminal activity utilizing an all crimes/all hazards approach.

Report Suspicious Activity to:

877-4VA-TIPS or 877-482-8477

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airport Operators and Users - July 2017