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Private Noncommercial Aircraft Registration

The annual aircraft registration fee for a private, noncommercial aircraft is $5.00 and the fee for a private aircraft which is used for commercial purposes is $10.00.   A renewal Registration Application will be sent to all properly registered aircraft owners before the current Registration expires. The registration decal must be displayed centered below the right-hand stabilizer on the fuselage or immediately aft of the cabin entry door. Registration decals for antique aircraft (aircraft built on or before December 31, 1945) and balloons may be carried with the aircraft's papers in the aircraft.

Aircraft registrations are issued in two parts - the traditional decal, to place on the aircraft as described above, and a second part that may be carried with the aircraft's papers or by the aircraft owner. The second part will be similar to a motor vehicle registration document and can be used by the aircraft owner to demonstrate compliance with the aircraft registration statute.

An aircraft registration cannot be transferred to the new owner if an aircraft is sold. The seller is required to notify the Department in writing when the transfer occurs, as well as furnish the Department with the name and address of the new owner.