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Non-Commercial and Commercial Aircraft Dealers

Aircraft owners and aircraft dealers who market or sell either their own aircraft or aircraft owned by a manufacturer to the public may be licensed as Commercial Dealers or Noncommercial Dealers in lieu of having a Commercial License to cover each aircraft.

The minimum number of aircraft that must be purchased for resale or sold during a calendar year is five aircraft. Each dealer is required to submit a report to the Department at the end of every calendar quarter which details all aircraft bought and sold during that 3-month period.

A Noncommercial Dealer is a person who does not use the aircraft covered by the license for anything other than sales demonstration purposes. The annual fee for a Noncommercial Dealer Fleet License is $50.00. 

A Commercial Dealer is a person who uses the aircraft covered by the license for such purposes as flight instruction or carrying passengers "on demand," and in addition, offers the aircraft for sale to the public. The annual fee for a Commercial Dealers Fleet License is $75.00.