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DOAV Participates in Summer Transportation Institute Program at VSU

The Virginia Department of Aviation participated in the annual Summer Transportation Institute program at Virginia State University. The purpose of the program is to create awareness and stimulate interest in secondary school students to take maximum advantage of the opportunities that exist in the transportation industry.

DOAV Public Relations and Education staff worked with 20 high school students over the course of four days to provide a variety of educational aviation opportunities. David Halstead and Tony Sotelo taught a classroom lesson on how airplanes fly and discussed various aviation careers with the students.

The Virginia Department of Aviation provided Delta Dart airplane kits and helped the students throughout the process of building the airplanes. Once construction was completed, a contest was held to determine which student could fly their airplane for the longest period of time. Prizes were given to the winners and all students received a wooden balsa airplane.

The ICON A5 Introduction to Flight team also traveled to VSU as part of the Summer Transportation Institute program. Sotelo led a presentation about the aircraft while each student had the opportunity to sit in the ICON A5 and operate the controls. Betty Wilson worked with the students in the flight simulator that is located in the back of the Ford Transit van that transports the aircraft.

On the final day of the program, Wilson accompanied the group to the Shannon Air Museum. The trip served as a great immersion experience for the students to see the history of flight and the advances that have been made in aviation over the years. Students were also able to view the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame that was created to honor Virginians who have made significant and lasting contributions to aviation.