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ICON A5 Visit to Rural Point Elementary

The Virginia Department of Aviation’s ICON A5 Introduction to Flight Team was on the road visiting Rural Point Elementary in Mechanicsville, VA. The DOAV Public Relations and Education staff spoke with approximately 100 second grade students about aviation and various careers in the field.

The enthusiastic youth had the opportunity to learn about the forces of flight and how airplanes fly. They had a hands-on learning experience inside the ICON A5 where they were able to operate the controls and ask questions about the aircraft.

“Having the presentation on school grounds was incredibly convenient, easy and very exciting for all the students and staff,” teacher Kim Farnsworth said. “The students were very excited to get in the aircraft! Many had never been in a plane before and thought it was the coolest thing ever! Plus, getting to sit in the actual cockpit and manipulate the controls was a unique experience.”

Each student was given an Aviation Adventures activity book along with a pencil and airplane eraser. The second graders were also provided with balsa wood airplanes to take with them, construct and fly. The entire learning experience opened the eyes of many about the many possibilities available in aviation.

“For anyone learning about innovations or transportation, it's a very special presentation,” Farnsworth said. “The students were not only excited about the ICON A5, they enjoyed the Aviation Adventures activity book that taught them about many types of planes and the ways those planes are used to help people. The pencils and airplane erasers were a huge hit, and the balsa wood airplane that they got to construct and build was the ultimate culminating activity.”

The ICON A5 is an amphibious light sport aircraft that the DOAV PR and Education Team take across the Commonwealth of Virginia to educate youth about aviation. For more information on how to get this free program to your school or local airport, email Betty Wilson.


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