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ICON A5 Visits Ferrum Elementary

The ICON A5 Introduction to Flight Team traveled to Ferrum Elementary School on Tuesday, September 13 to visit with approximately 225 students and 25 staff.

The entire school visited the ICON A5 throughout the day with grades Pre-K-1st seeing the presentation and asking questions about the aircraft. Grades 2-5 sat in the aircraft and constructed and flew balsa airplanes. It served as a memorable occasion for the school located in the rural countryside across from Ferrum College.

“Our students at Ferrum Elementary loved the program and have talked about it non-stop,” Principal Jennifer Talley said. “Our STEM coach as well as classroom teachers have incorporated things they learned during the presentation in their science classes.”

Public Relations and Education Coordinator David Halstead led the presentation and explained the flight controls while each student was seated in the aircraft. Halstead explained how airplanes fly and answered questions from the students. PR and Education Manager Betty Wilson talked with the youth following their time in the ICON A5 about what they learned and the many careers available in aviation.

“This has been one of the most well received presentations our students have experienced,” Talley said. “Some of our students are saying that they want to become a pilot so they can fly planes just like the ICON A5. In addition to our students and staff being excited, we received a lot of positive feedback from our parents and the community.” 

The ICON A5 is an amphibious light sport aircraft that the DOAV PR and Education Team take across the Commonwealth of Virginia to educate youth about aviation. For more information on how to get this free program to your school or local airport, email Betty Wilson.