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Aviation Ambassadors Achieve Gold Level Awards

The Virginia Department of Aviation held an Ambassador Program passport review and jacket fitting on Wednesday, June 8. Three Ambassadors traveled to the DOAV headquarters at Richmond International Airport to have their passports checked and to be signed off on the gold-level awards.

The Ambassadors traveled from across Virginia to meet with PR and Education Coordinator David Halstead and PR and Education Manager Betty Wilson. Halstead, who oversees the Aviation Ambassador program, carefully reviewed each individual’s passport to ensure that all requirements had been met.

The Ambassadors qualified for the gold-level leather jackets by visiting all 65 public-use airports, four aviation museums, a safety seminar and a designated Virginia fly-in. All Ambassadors also received the awards for the bronze level (Virginia Aviation Ambassadors cap and lapel pin) and the silver level (flight bag).

Many shared stories of their experiences in visiting the various Virginia airports. They praised the program and how it helped them provide a framework for their travel and to see all that the Commonwealth of Virginia has to offer. The Ambassadors who were confirmed to have achieved gold-level status on June 8 include: Damon Favor, Elizabeth Groszer and Todd Groszer.

The Virginia Department of Aviation periodically schedules passport review days for Ambassadors. If you have completed the requirements for a bronze, silver or gold-level award, please contact David Halstead at or 804-236-3630.

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