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ICON A5 Visited Sutherland Elementary for Educational Program

The ICON A5 Introduction to Flight Program, which is a new and free aviation education program offered by the Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV), traveled to Sutherland Elementary School in Dinwiddie, VA to teach 3rd grade students about aviation.

Five classes of 15-20 students as well as teachers and staff attended the ICON A5 presentation outside the school Friday, November 5. The program fit well into the grade level’s curriculum of simple machines and capped off “Aviation Week” where students learned about planes and flying in preparation for the big day.

“I work at a Title 1 school, so many of these children have never set foot in an actual plane as a passenger, let alone in the pilot's seat,” Sutherland Elementary teacher Christine Pagan said. “The excitement could have powered the school! Everything they learned about simple and compound machines and force and motion came to life right there and it made the learning real for them.”

Communications and Education Division Director John Campbell drove the transit van that is connected to the ICON A5 trailer and setup the display outside the school. PR and Education Coordinator Kim Wells led the presentation and explained the flight controls while each student was seated in the aircraft. Wells discussed how airplanes fly and answered questions from the teachers and students.

PR and Education Manager Betty Wilson and PR and Education Specialist David Halstead talked with the students following their time in the ICON A5 about what they learned and the many careers available in aviation. Halstead handed out wooden balsa airplanes for the students to take home, while Wilson had calendars available for teachers and staff.

The ICON A5 is an amphibious light sport aircraft that the DOAV PR and Education Team take across the Commonwealth of Virginia to educate youth about aviation. For more information on how to get this free program to your school or local airport, email Kim Wells or Betty Wilson.

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