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ICON A5 Visited Salem Civic Center for Educational Presentations

The ICON A5 Introduction to Flight Program, which is a new and free aviation education program offered by the Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV), travelled to Salem, VA to teach 5th grade students about aviation as well as visit with the Rotary Club.

There were sixty people consisting of staff, school officials, teachers, and students that were on-site at the Salem Civic Center in the morning for the ICON A5 presentation for the students and then, in the afternoon, two DOAV staff members did a presentation for the Salem Rotary Club.

Communications and Education Division Director John Campbell drove the transit van that is connected to the ICON A5 trailer and setup the display inside the Civic Center for the morning presentation. Public Relations and Education Coordinator Kim Wells explained the flight controls while each student was seated in the aircraft, discussed aviation, and answered questions from the teachers and students.

The Salem Rotary Club members were able to learn about the ICON A5 Program and were invited outside to sit in the aircraft after the club meeting. During the Rotary Club meeting, Campbell made a presentation to the group explaining the aviation programs that the agency offers. Wells did a brief presentation to introduce the ICON A5 and explain the mission of the program. This event was a great way to network with the local schools and rotary members to showcase the ICON A5 Program.

The ICON A5 is an amphibious light sport aircraft that the DOAV PR and Education Team take across the Commonwealth of Virginia to educate youth about aviation. The focus is to allow the students into the aircraft to teach them about aviation, the aircraft, and the flight controls. Education presentations showcase careers in aviation and discuss the forces of flight. The aircraft travels on a trailer that is connected to a transit van that contains a flight simulator.

For more information on how to get this free program to your school or local airport, email Kim Wells or Betty Wilson.


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