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Air Traffic Controller Writes Children’s Aviation Book

Kyana Bubb, an air traffic controller from Grenada has published a children's book that focuses on careers in aviation. This will help youth understand all the aviation options that are available to them.

Being motivated by hearing children say they don’t see women flying often, Bubb decided she needed to change that negative outlook with her children’s book: “The Adventures of Xola and Sage: Women in Aviation.” 

Her book has been well received by teens and adults even though it is geared toward children. Bubb says many people did not know what she did in her job and through explaining it, the book has inspired many boys and girls. 

Kyana says she specifically chose to pen a children’s book to open the minds of kids to the possibility of entering other careers in Grenada. 

“I thought I would write a book to inspire children to think outside the box, including girls, who could be a pilot, a flight attendant and an air traffic controller. It was also my mission to let people know this job (air traffic controller) does exist and it’s not just a guy standing on the ramp.”

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