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FAA Task Force Focuses on Youth Access to Jobs

The Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force held its second public meeting on March 31, 2021, hearing from guest speakers from Black Girls Who Drone and the Civil Air Patrol. Ernanda White, founder of Black Girls Who Drone, spoke on exploring other entry points to engage underrepresented women and girls in aviation, while Dr. Jeffrey Montgomery with the Civil Air Patrol addressed additional areas of aviation education and outreach.

“The FAA wants to attract the best, brightest and most diverse group of people to be part of the aviation and aerospace industry. We need to reach kids and young people in an inclusive and equitable way,” said FAA Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims.

The Task Force, comprised of aviation leaders from industry and academia, are charged with providing independent recommendations and strategies to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to educate youth on career opportunities in aviation. In addition, the Task Force will identify and recommend opportunities for apprenticeships, workforce development programs and careers in the aviation for students.

Focusing on U.S. high school students, these recommendations and strategies will be used to facilitate and encourage students to enroll in aviation career and technical education courses. These include aviation manufacturing and maintenance and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The Task Force will submit recommendations and strategies from their meetings to the FAA Administrator and the appropriate Congressional committees. To learn more about the Task Force, comment or get answers to your questions, please contact us at or visit the Task Force website.