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Civil Air Patrol Volunteers Aid North Carolina’s Vaccination Rollout

Civil Air Patrols in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina know what integrity, volunteer service, excellence, and respect signify.  These four core values combined with a ‘whatever it takes’ mindset are the foundations of the Civil Air Patrol and demonstrate how to get things done.  Volunteers in the CAP Wings of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina have been instrumental during the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Greensboro, N.C.  The mission to strengthen the resiliency of community, state, and nation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic has been in full swing since mid-February, and, as of April 7, more than 80,000 vaccines have been administered. 

Members of the East Coast’s CAP Wings have joined forces with the North Carolina Emergency Management Division, FEMA, Department of Health and Human Services, the Air Force, and the North Carolina Army National Guard.  Together, these agencies have opened, staffed, and operated the vaccination site in Greensboro as well as additional sites in North Carolina.  They have been tasked with the mission to vaccinate thousands of people per day against the COVID virus. 

In addition to serving at the Greensboro location, some of the Virginia Wing members have volunteered to staff other sites that the North Carolina Wing needed help to fill.

“Virginia Wing members Maj. Rose Reeder, 1st Lt. Brian Morris, and SMS Stephen Littlewood and other members who volunteered have remained flexible with regard to their personal lives and schedules, helping to ensure there is adequate staffing at these sites at all times,” said C/Lt. Col. Cody Matthews, CAP.  The Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina Wings have continuously provided daily support for everyone taking part in this momentous effort, establishing the framework and providing logistical ground support to ensure that everything runs smoothly and successfully.

Commander of the North Carolina Wing Civil Air Patrol Col. Angelovich said, “Everyone out here has done a remarkable job, and I’m very thankful for the members contributing their time and effort to support this very important mission.”