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Boca Raton Airport First to Install LED Rotating Beacon

Florida’s Boca Raton Airport (BCT) is the first in the country to install a Hali-Brite LED rotating beacon, the first navigation aid of its kind to receive FAA approval for use at public airports. The new beacon, which became operational last week at the dedicated general aviation gateway, provides a higher light output than conventional metal halide rotating beacons, at one quarter the energy required—about the same as needed for two 100 watt light bulbs. The LEDs will last for a dozen years before they need replacing.

In addition, the LED technology offers a more focused light beam, cutting down on light pollution with less diffusion into the sky and down on neighborhoods. At civil airports such as BCT, the beacon will produce alternate clear and green flashes of light visible to pilots aloft.

“Upgrading the rotating beacon to LED offers numerous benefits, and is in keeping with the Boca Raton Airport Authority's goal to enhance safety and implement cost-efficient, energy-saving measures,” noted Clara Bennett, the authority's executive director.