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2021 NIFA SAFECON Will be Virtual

The National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) was formed for the purposes of developing and advancing aviation education; to promote, encourage and foster safety in aviation; to promote and foster communications and cooperation between aviation students, educators, educational institutions and the aviation industry; and to provide an arena for collegiate aviation competition.

After an in-depth review, the NIFA Council reports that it has decided to host its SAFECON 2021 as a remote competition.

"This was not an easy decision, as we all desired the opportunity to host a normal, in-person SAFECON. The preparations that go into hosting a SAFECON, additional logistics necessary to account for pandemic precautions, and the notice requested by teams, meant that a decision had to be made at this time."

SAFECON 2021 will be comprised of:

Aircraft Recognition
Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation (SCAN)
Computer Accuracy
CFI Event
Coach of the Year Award
Loening Trophy
Men’s and Women’s Achievement Awards

NIFA reports that it is working diligently to also provide the following events. Within one week, they will announce the final status of:

Ground Trainer
Preflight Inspection

SAFECON 2021 will be held May 17-22, 2021. More information will be provided shortly on how events will be administered and when the annual business meeting will be held.  For more information visit the NIFA website.