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UA Ends COVID Measures

United Airlines has eliminated its last two COVID-19 prevention measures.  Effective immediately, United no longer requires passengers to deplane in groups of five rows at a time, and the carrier has ceased electrostatically spraying its jets before every flight.

United implemented its deplaning policy “to reduce crowding” and promote social distancing throughout the deplaning process.  As vaccination rates increase nationwide, however, guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the need for social distancing has shifted.

United said in a statement that the temporary deplaning process was implemented in combination with back-to-front boarding to promote social distancing on board the aircraft and in gate hold rooms.

Instead of its COVID-era cleaning process, United will now apply a once-weekly Zoono antimicrobial surface treatment throughout its fleet.  This will be done by a NovaRover robot that will apply a mist of the antimicrobial treatment that coats surfaces in a 12-foot radius with a single spray application.

In a statement, United said: Every week United protects all of its aircraft with the Zoono antimicrobial surface treatment, which creates a 24/7, ongoing protective barrier that kills microorganisms on surfaces throughout our aircraft.  It creates a hostile environment for microorganisms to live on, and nearly eliminates the ability of that surface to transmit viruses including COVID-19.  Zoono is EPA-registered, water-based and non-toxic.