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Hydrogen-Electric Powered Aircraft in Development

ZeroAvia, a U.K.-government supported entity, is developing 600-kilowatt hydrogen-electric power plants for passenger aircraft.  ZeroAvia has purchased two Dornier 228 twin turboprop aircraft that will be the test beds for its HyFlyer II program.

The company will base one of the 19-seat aircraft in Hollister, CA, and the second will be based at Kemble, U.K.  The two aircraft will be retrofitted with hydrogen fuel tanks capable of holding 220 pounds of compressed gaseous hydrogen that the company says should provide a 500-mile range.

ZeroAvia has also secured $37 million toward the development of a hydrogen-electric power plant for an airliner that will seat more than 50 passengers.

Val Miftakhov, founder and CEO, said, “Hydrogen is the only practical solution for true climate-neutral flight, and it will become a commercial reality much sooner than many predict.”