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FAA’s Summer Aviation Safety Series

A series of virtual forums, hosted by FAA experts, will soon take place for pilots to learn about critical safety issues in the nation’s airspace. The first event will take place on July 20, 2021, at 2 p.m. ET with a how-to session for the Very High Frequency Omni-directional Range (VOR) Minimum Operational Network (MON). The seminar will explain the concept of operations (ConOps); two new approved VOR Standard Service Volumes (SSVs); and chart updates.

Future sessions will include: how to check your ADS-B performance, ADS-B Call Sign Mismatch, NOTAMs, and Runway Safety.

No registration is required to attend.  Attendees will be able to participate in live question and answer sessions.  The programs will also be livestreamed on the FAA's YouTube channel at

Full schedule of programs