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FAA Won’t Certify Boeing 777X Until 2023

Citing design and testing issues, the Federal Aviation Administration has told Boeing that the 777X would not be ready for certification until possibly the end of 2023.  The testing concerns include an “uncommanded pitch event” that occurred in December. 

According to the Seattle Times, local FAA manager Ian Won told Boeing in a May 13 letter that there is a lot of work to do before he signs off on it.

“The aircraft is not yet ready,” said Won. “The technical data required for type certification has not reached a point where it appears the aircraft type design is mature and can be expected to meet the applicable regulations.”

While no details of the pitch control issue were provided, the letter did say that Boeing hasn’t satisfied the FAA that it knows what happened and has fixed it.  The FAA is also worried about an unspecified avionics system proposed for the airplane and about software and hardware modifications planned for the flight control system.

The 777X is the largest twin-engine jet Boeing has built.  In one configuration, the 777X will seat more than 400 passengers.