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Epic Flight Academy Adds Motion Sim to Reduce Training Time

Epic Flight Academy has partnered with Frasca International to create a new full-motion flight training device that adds to the realism of flying due to high-fidelity graphics. The simulator will replicate a Cessna 172.

“Epic is the first flight school in the world to have a Cessna 172 FTD with this high level of motion system,” said John Frasca, president of Frasca International.

Epic’s students will log from 30 to 40 hours in the device during the academy’s private pilot course, with the motion base granting the ability to perform maneuvers, including stalls, steep turns, and landings. The syllabus requires the students to perfect maneuvers procedures in the sim before trying them out in the airplane. Epic has been using the device since November 2020, for an average of 250 hours monthly—with 30 private pilot students using the device as an integrated part of their initial course.

Frasca plans to place more of the motion-based devices in training organizations across the United States. Epic and Frasca have also teamed up to pursue recognition of training time in the sim towards the hours required for the commercial pilot certificate.