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Virginian is Latest to Earn CAM Credential

A Richmond-based pilot for Altria has become the 600th person to earn the Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credential.  Assistant Chief Pilot Kevin Martin decided to pursue the CAM credential to bolster his industry knowledge. 

Martin used the National Business Aviation Association’s “Six Months to CAM” program, which was created last year to help working professionals more efficiently fit CAM preparation into their busy schedules. 

Martin is assistant chief pilot for Altria Client Services LLC, which has its hangar at Richmond International Airport.  The former U.S. Navy fighter pilot holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Martin said, “The structure of the (CAM) program was very useful.  It gave me an opportunity to go from domain to domain and figure out where the gaps were and help focus my study efforts.”  He recommends other industry professionals pursue the credential, noting that it gave him “an opportunity to consolidate and build on the knowledge I have acquired over the course of my career.”