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Survival Items Needed in Your Airplane

As the United States copes with a series of winter storms crossing multiple states, it’s a good time to remember that having the right survival gear in your aircraft can save your life.  Although it is very rare that a general aviation aircraft needs to make an off-airport landing, if it should happen, you definitely want to be prepared.  It’s also important to understand what special equipment you might need depending on the terrain you’re flying over and the weather (and season).

For those of us in the Mid-Atlantic States, during the winter months, you might want to consider these items:

  1. Water (for drinking)
  2. Food (granola bars or other nonperishable food)
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Basic Survival Kit (this can be purchased or you can customize one yourself)
  5. Life Raft (if you’re flying over large bodies of water)
  6. Warm clothing and a blanket

Depending on your location, having a full charged cellphone may also be extremely helpful.