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Pilot Offers Scholarship for Tailwheel Endorsement

Tailwheel landing stories are traded among pilot across the globe, but Craig Blumer took his love of tailwheel aircraft to a whole new level.  

Blumer, a Piper Cub owner and professional pilot is so enamored with tailwheels that he’s created the Jane Berg Scholarship to provide a tailwheel endorsement in a 1946 Piper J-3 Cub to one lucky pilot.

“Jane Berg was one of the many flight instructors and supervisors I’ve had over the years. The time she invested in me helped me to achieve my aviation goals and end up where I am today. My hope is that this scholarship honors her professionalism and transfers hands-on flying to the applicant selected,” Blumer said.

The $2,000 scholarship will cover instructor and airplane time in the Cub, along with a stipend for travel and hotel if needed.

The deadline to apply or the scholarship is April 1, 2021. Contact Craig at for the scholarship details and application.