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Interactive Aviation Exhibit and Play Bring History to Life

The Greatest Story Never Told makes aviation history come alive through the use of a travelling exhibit called Fly With Banning and the play the Flying Hobos. Their mission is inspiring the next generation through real life stories of minority and women heroes that made a lasting impact in STEM fields.

Over the last few years, the Virginia Department of Aviation sponsored the presentation and coordinated with the production staff and schools across the Commonwealth to make arrangements for the play.

DOAV PR and Education staff Kim Wells and Betty Wilson attended the Flying Hobos play last February that was presented to the elementary and middle schools in Emporia.  “It was fun to watch the students interact with the performers, and it was obvious that the play was engaging and educational for students of all ages,” said Wells.

The play shares the story of James H. Banning and Thomas Cox Allen as they fly across the United States. Being the first black airmen to fly across the country in the early 1900s made their journey quite the challenge, but they overcame each obstacle with perseverance in order to achieve their goal.

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