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Free Guide to Buying Aircraft

If you are looking to purchase a new or used aircraft, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) just might be able to help.  AOPA has released a free guide that can help potential aircraft buyers choose the right model to purchase.  The online Aircraft Guide provides information such as a model overview, specifications, performance, limiting and recommended airspeeds and price point.  

AOPA plans to publish regular updates that will include new aircraft.

“This aircraft guide is the fruition of a lot of work here at AOPA and is more extensive than anything like it in the industry,” said Kollin Stagnito, AOPA vice president of publications.  “We will continue to add information, making it the biggest directory of used and new aircraft on the Internet.  This will be a tremendous resource for anyone at any point in the buying spectrum.”

The new guide lists almost 90 models, ranging from single- and twin-engine pistons to turbines and rotorcraft.  The entries are searchable and link to AOPA’s loan calculator, aircraft valuation tool and relevant articles.  

You can find AOPA’s free aircraft guide at