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VATSP 2022 Purpose, Goals, and Objectives

The Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV) is making progress on the Virginia Air Transportation System Plan (VATSP) 2022. A focus of the VATSP 2022 is to develop a modern system plan that will serve as a blueprint for airport development in the Commonwealth for the next 20 years. To support this effort, DOAV has established goals and objectives of the study, using a process that included consulting with the Study Advisory Group. DOAV established six overarching goals for the study. Those goals are:

  • Develop and maintain a safe airport system
  • Develop and maintain an accessible airport system
  • Create a roadmap for long-term airport system development
  • Leverage economic development from system airports
  • Continue the use of technology that supports the aviation system
  • Promote environmental practices and sustainable development of the airport system

In conjunction with the development of these goals, DOAV also created one or more objectives for each goal that help define how these goals will be met and what data is needed to evaluate progress toward these goals. For example, one of the objectives for meeting the safe airport system goal is to assess system airports for their adherence to FAA standards in certain critical safety areas, such as runway safety areas.

The VATSP 2022 consulting team, led by Mead & Hunt, is in the process of collecting the necessary data to evaluate these goals and objectives. Check back with us for updates on the progress of the study. If you have questions about the VATSP, please contact Stephanie Ward, Project Manager at Mead & Hunt (517-908-3121 or

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