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NASA’s Mars Helicopter is named Ingenuity

An 11th grade student named Vaneeza Rupani from Tuscaloosa High School in Northport, Alabama has named NASA’s new Mars helicopter Ingenuity.  Her entry in the agency’s “Name the Rover” contest for the Mars 2020 mission was selected for the vehicle which will launch with NASA’s Perseverance rover this summer.

When asked why she thought that Ingenuity would be a good name for the helicopter, the space science enthusiast said, “ Ingenuity would be a good name for the helicopter because that is exactly what it took to design this machine. The challenges faced trying to design something capable of flight on another planet can only be overcome with collaboration and creativity. It takes the ingenuity of an incredible group of people to create something with so many complex challenges.”

Q&A with the Student Who Named Ingenuity, NASA’s Mars Helicopter