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FAA Standardized Training Program for Part 135 Operators

The Federal Aviation Administration has completed an effort that will enable on-demand (charter) operators to further enhance safety through standardized training offered by Part 142 training centers.

In guidance published today, the FAA outlined a framework for training centers to use standardized training for pilots at non-scheduled charters and air taxis covered under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.  The program is voluntary, but is expected to be widely used throughout the industry.  An industry committee composed of subject matter experts will develop and recommend a standardized curriculum for an aircraft or a series of aircraft.  If accepted by the FAA, the curriculum will be available for use nationwide.

Currently, Part 135 operators must develop and seek approval for their own customized training programs and keep up with all the associated paperwork.  The new approach to training will enable the operator and the FAA’s Principal Operations Inspector to focus on the quality of the training program, rather than its administration.

The FAA’s Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) established a Training Standardization Working Group to develop and recommend the standardized approach. A Solicitation for Members for the Working Group will be published on the ARAC (Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee) web page in the coming months. The FAA anticipates that the first standardized curricula will be available for training center and operator use in 2021

Standardized Training Program to Enhance Safety and Efficiency