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Cirrus Aircraft is Creating Powered Air Purifying Respirators

The Cirrus Aircraft Company, headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, began looking for ways that they could support healthcare workers in their communities.

After inventorying their supplies and determining what they could donate without jeopardizing their own team members, they donated gloves, hand sanitizer and lab gear to local hospitals in Duluth and are looking for future donation opportunities.

Their production and product development teams then started working on the development of face masks and respirators.  For this process, they teamed up with Frost River Trading, another local manufacturer. 

Over 31,500 face shields have been assembled over the last few days.   An even higher priority item, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAAPR) – battery powered blowers that provide positive airflow through a filter to a hood that protects healthcare workers from contaminated air – was prototyped and 850 hood and coupler assemblies will be created.

Cirrus engineers also have designed, prototyped and tested a replacement assembly for the blower units available at area hospitals using computer aided design (CAD) software and 3D printing.  Their design costs a fraction of the current unit supplied to hospitals.  The newly prototyped unit will be tested in the coming weeks.  If approved, Cirrus Aircraft is set to provide nearly 200 blower assemblies.