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Celebrating Resiliency in a Time of Turmoil

Flight schools and instructors across the country have been vying for top status in the annual AOPA Flight Training Experience Awards for several years, hoping their students will highlight them in an online survey.

The awards are the Michelin stars in a flight school’s or instructor’s pedigree, a “Best” designation on their doorway or website denoting a Zagat-worthy location. But, like so much of the world in this COVID-19 climate, the awards are not the same this year.

AOPA’s You Can Fly program will not have an awards ceremony or designate top status this year, but there will still be a celebration through the Flight Training Experience Project.

Even though many schools have had to close their doors during the pandemic, we believe it is important to celebrate the value and significance of the flight training community in this difficult time,” said Chris Moser, AOPA senior director of flight training education. “With the project, we will highlight the inspiring stories of the flight training community, which has come together in support of one another to overcome the obstacles of COVID-19 and a struggling economy, and proved resilient in the face of adversity.”

Celebrating Resiliency in a Time of Turmoil