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Automatic Landing System Earns Type Certification

The Federal Aviation Administration has type certified the first aircraft – a Piper M600/SLS – equipped with Garmin’s Autoland system.  The Autoland system is designed to assume operational control and land the aircraft during an emergency without human intervention.

Autoland incorporates factors such as aircraft performance, terrain, obstacles and weather.  This system can be activated automatically if the pilot becomes incapacitated or by a dedicated button.  In addition, Autoland will communicate with air traffic control and provide visual and verbal information to passengers.  The system can be deactivated at any time using the autopilot disconnect button.

Phil Straub, Garmin executive vice president and managing director of aviation, said, “The FAA certification of Autoland is a day of celebration for the entire aviation industry as we redefine the expectations of not only the pilot, but more importantly the passenger, and what should be standard equipment on general aviation aircraft.