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WMA Approved for On-Demand Charter Service at Reagan National

Waltzing Matilda Aviation LLC, a Boston-based FAA Part 135 jet charter operator, has been granted Transportation Security Administration approval to operate its on-demand jet charter services into Reagan National Airport in Northern Virginia.  

Company officials say the move means significant improvement to convenience for WMA's clients and believes it will see a further uptick in its business to the area, a major destination for Boston-based business travelers.

Continuing to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, WMA reported record level of flight activity in July 2020.  WMA CEO John Thomas said, "Our July charter revenues were over three times the level of July 2019, which has further cemented our position as the largest light to mid-sized aircraft jet charter operator based at Bedford (MA).  This increase has been partially fueled by a strong resurgence in business-related travel."