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Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

Since Sep. 20, 1970, The Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport has remained one of the few privately owned, public use airports in the state.

The Airport celebrated 50 years of aviation on Sunday, September 20, 2020. The Airport owners and staff truly make the Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport a family friendly environment for aviation enthusiasts of all ages. Each flight that has landed on the airport’s runway has helped weave some pretty amazing stories into the already historic community. 

When Larry Waltrip took ownership of the Williamsburg Airport with his late wife Jean, 50 years ago, he had no idea it would become a pillar in the community. 

“I think we’re one of the very few privately owned public-use airports left,” says Larry.

It’s a place where rock stars have landed, governors from across the country, even a president, have all stepped onto the tarmac.

“We’ve had six astronauts based here including David Brown.” Larry stated.

Even though a lot of very important people have landed at the Williamsburg Airport over the last 50 years, Larry is most proud of the local families who find their love of flight there. This airport is truly built and operated on a foundation of love.

“We are here for the families and for the people”, Larry said. “Those parents that come out to the airport and bring their children, help teach them about aviation. The children can sit in an airplane and be inspired to learn how to fly, get their pilot’s license. Some of these kids have become commercial pilots, aviation pilots or fly jets in the military.”

The airport offers The Williamsburg Aviation Scholarship Program that helps up to eight children per year learn to fly and get their private pilot’s license. It’s a program that was created by Larry and his wife, who were the first couple to be inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame in Richmond.