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Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport Enhances Economic Opportunities

The Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport is conveniently located adjacent to Virginia Tech on Research Center Drive, steps away from the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center and mere minutes away from the Blacksburg campus.

For the passengers of the nearly 14,000 annual flights traveling through the Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport, the 310-acre airport in Blacksburg serves as a gateway into all the New River Valley has to offer.

For business travelers, it is the launching pad for new economic development opportunities in the region.

For innovators, it is the conduit to the cutting-edge research and discovery that take place at Virginia Tech and nearby technology and manufacturing companies.

For those learning to fly, it’s the solid ground upon which they find themselves after their first successful landing.

For Keith Holt, executive director of the Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport, it is a place that brings in countless new opportunities for the region each day.

Holt recently joined the airport in July, replacing Michael St. Jean, who led the airport since 2002 before retiring. Holt previously served as manager of the New River Valley Airport.

The Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport facilitates a number of business activities, including aerial inspections, photography, surveying, agricultural spraying, emergency medical aviation, and flight training. It also serves as a gateway for business and political leaders, law enforcement, public charters, Virginia Tech Athletics, recreational flying, and rescue flights.

The range of traffic through the airport — business, academic, recreational, and more — is a microcosm, representative of the dynamic New River Valley economic ecosystem as a whole and the educational, business, and innovation communities that continue to flourish there. The airport is an engaged partner in supporting this ecosystem’s transportation needs.

Over the past 20 years, facilities on the Blacksburg campus have grown by 4.6 million gross square feet. As highlighted in the Campus Master Plan, the university has planned for up to an additional 7 million gross square feet in facilities growth over the next 30 years.

“With all of the exciting advancements in academia, technology, and medicine taking place on a daily basis here, the Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport is an asset to the region,” said Holt.

The runway expansion will attract companies looking to the region as a hub for business and innovation. The extension of the runway allows the airport to now accommodate roughly 72 percent of the business jet fleet operating in today’s market, including Citation, Bombardier Challenger, and Gulfstream Jets.

“Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the airport’s future outlook is positive. The extended runway and new hangars are set to help catalyze economic development and fuel innovation and technology in the region for years to come,” said Holt.