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Sporty’s Releases 2021 Learn to Fly Course

With the global pandemic keeping people at home or semi-isolated, Sporty’s is taking advantage of the situation to improve its home study Learn to Fly Course.  This latest iteration includes expanded video content, new online features and app updates.  To reflect changes in technology and regulations, the 2021 Learn to Fly Course adds video on how to use flight following with air traffic control; how to plan a cross-country flight with an iPad; and how to use ForeFlight’s Imagery tab.  It also provides a Microsoft Flight Simulator lesson guide outlining objectives, scenarios, tasks to accomplish and performance goals for 14 suggested simulator training flights.

Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke said, “Now more than ever, a home study course is an important way for pilots to keep their skills sharp and customize their learning experience.  Our course is designed to be hassle-free: use it on any of your devices without ever worrying about progress syncing or subscriptions expiring.”

Other updates to the course include a redesign for the online learning platform; the ability to build keyword-based study sessions; and a document upload function. The Sporty’s Pilot Training app also got new features with an annotation tool for the iOS version and a dark mode.  The cost for the 2021 Learn to Fly Course, which is designed to serve as a complete training companion for student and rusty pilots, retails for $249, which includes lifetime access and updates.  The course can be accessed online as well as via Android and iOS devices.