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NBAA Materials for Those Promoting the Industry

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) recently published an article explaining why those who have retired from the aviation industry are excellent Ambassadors for the industry. 

“With all their knowledge and enthusiasm, aviation retirees are ideally suited to advocate for the industry and promote its job prospects to students, teachers, parents or anyone who is unaware of the opportunities,” said Patrick Haller, NBAA’s senior director of membership and member services. “Retirees speak compellingly from personal experience, putting an actual face to a career in business aviation.”

NBAA has produced a series of resources that support workforce development.  One that is well suited to use when talking to students and their parents as well as teachers and guidance counselors is titled “Business Aviation Career Engagement – Top Five Tips.”  

This resource is actually a list of three resources NBAA offers to those interested in pursuing a career in business aviation:

The “Consider a Career in Business Aviation” video   

A Career Guide to Business Aviation 

Business Aviation Career Fact Sheet 

The Top 5 Tips resource also includes talking points for presentations tailored specifically to three types of students: elementary and middle school students, high school students, and college students.

Review the Business Aviation Career Engagement resource at

Retirees are Ideal Industry Ambassadors